A peer to peer knowledge sharing network for SaaS professionals.

Braintrust is an exclusive invite-only network that automatically connects you to SaaS pros at the top of their game for regular in depth calls to discuss challenges, share learnings, and grow together, at a time that suits you best.
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You'll be in good company.

Our members come from the fastest-growing companies and are tackling churn, managing support, driving customer success, building products their customers love, and more.

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Braintrust is perfect for you if you are a:

There is a place for every professional in Braintrust.
  • A CEO of a fast-growing startup
  • A customer success champion
  • A demand generation specialist
  • A stellar sales professional

A melting pot of ideas, strategies, and tactics.

Join SaaS Executives, Managers, and Individual Contributors to discuss the topics most pressing to your role and business.

Businesses use Braintrust to gain the inside scoop.

SaaS is in its infancy and the books are still being written. Braintree gives your team an inside view into the fastest growing SaaS businesses.








People love it

SaaS professionals use Braintrust to gain expertise and advance their careers.

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“Using Braintrust makes it easy to connect and learn from peers in my industry. I pick up new strategies and fresh perspectives from every call I join.”
Christine Xiao
Director of Customer Success at Zoom
“We often get stuck with our own cognitive biases internally. Having a group of outsiders to bounce ideas against has been invaluable to my work as a product manager.”
Andrew Clinton
Product Manager at Invision
“You don't know what you don't know. Working along side peers in my industry has opened my eyes to loads of new and exciting methodologies I have bought back intomy work.”
Benjamin Stanley
Customer Support at Intercom
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    Choose your topics of interest
    Choose from a large list of topics that you're interested in sharing knowledge on and learning new practises from.
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    We automatically match you with candidates that share similar experience and interests and set up a call at a time and cadence that best suits the group.
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We make it a no brainer.

Suggest a topic
Are you working on a new onboarding? Testing pricing and packaging? Choosing a new metrics stack? Suggest a topic and get connected.
On your schedule
Select the days and times that suit you best and Braintrust will automatically connect you with experts on your time.
Great help center
Learn with confidence and take advantage of Braintrust’s help center.
Network guidelines
Braintrust is a safe environment for you to share and learn free from distraction and solicitation. Read more in our network guidelines.
Keep up to date
The SaaS environment is evolving at the speed of light. Stay informed with the latest advancements.
Top-notch support
Run into trouble? Don't fret, our friendly support staff have you covered.

For Professionals

  • Braintrust makes it seamless to connect regularly with industry experts.
  • Build your network and gain expertise from a likeminded professional.
  • Gather 3rd party unbiased feedback from peers in your industry.

For Companies

  • Develop your team and gather an inside view into the fastest growing SaaS companies.
  • Get matched with companies at various stages of growth to better plan for what is coming ahead and give back to those behind you.
  • Save $1000's on consulting fees by giving your team access to a network 100's of professionals doing the actual work.
“Using Braintrust I have been able to connect with fellow CEO's to discuss challenges we are tackling at the exact same time. The insights derived have been invaluable and have saved us all months of headaches and pain.”
Andrew Clinton
CEO of Intercom

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